WS Invitationals Round 1: Bandori 8Gate Deck Tech + Match Review vs. Fate

With Round 1 of the Weiss Schwarz Invitationals coming to a close, I thought I’d take a moment to deliver my deck tech as promised! You’ve probably already seen the build on the event’s Encore Decks page, so I’ll just briefly go over how and why I ended up playing it. Want a video version of my thoughts? Check out my deck tech interview with From 2 to 4 😛

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BCS 2019: Top Weiss Schwarz Decks + Stats

When I made this kind of compilation for this year’s Spingfest, it was really well received, so here we go again: BCS 2019 has come to an end & here are all the decks that topped this season!

As usual, Bushiroad is months behind on officially posting the winners and their deck lists, so for the time being, most of the table below relies on community information – huge thanks to everyone who helped me fill out the blanks, I couldn’t be doing this without you guys!

As more lists are uploaded to the official site, I’ll keep updating the table with links and corrected information if necessary – once all info is released, I’ll add a note letting you know that the table is now final. But until then, if you spot a mistake somewhere, please let me know so I can correct it! Full update log can be found here.

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BSF 2019: Weiss Schwarz Top 4 Decks + Some Fun Stats

Because Bushi sometimes takes their sweet time releasing even just the names of the top 4 decks, about a third of this table is still unofficial for the time being – I’ll keep updating it until all the official info is out.

At locations for which they’ve already published the full top bracket and deck lists, I’ve added links to each individual deck list in the table (as usual, they only publish deck lists for the top 3 teams though). At all other locations, deck placements are based on either Bushi’s FB posts or information I’ve gathered from players who were there – big thanks to everyone who helped me put this together!

*Note – As of August 5th, all of this data should match their official posts and website entries.

If you’re into numbers, I’ve added some stats at the end of this post, and if you wanna read my tournament report from our Springfest in Munich, I made a separate post for that here.

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BSF 2019: Munich Weiss Schwarz Tournament Report

I haven’t really done a post like this before, so please bear with me if I end up rambling more about the trip than the actual tournament itself – because if there’s one thing you should know about me and Munich, it’s that I absolutely adore this city. Between all the amazing concerts and sights I’ve already seen there, it’s no wonder I was extremely hyped as soon as it was announced that our closest Springfest will be in Munich this year.

Now, when I say closest, I use that word pretty loosely. It’s not a 10 hour drive like it was last year to Rome, but it’s still a good 5 hours or more depending on the traffic. On Sunday during the Weiss tournament, when our first opponents heard where we’re from, they asked how early we had to get up in the morning to come there, and we just laughed and said “oh no, we’ve been here the whole weekend.” Because that’s our usual plan for Springfest and BCS: get a hotel, get a van, take an extended weekend vacation.

This time, it was actually two vans, since we had 15 people. Aside from my Weiss teammates who actively play both games, we all main either Vanguard or Weiss, but know the other game enough to be able to play it somehow. So on Saturday, we managed to form 5 Vanguard teams (out of total 33) and on Sunday, we had 4 Weiss teams (out of total 31). Now let me get right into Sunday’s part of the event!

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Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Kick In The Face (And Why That’s a Problem)

Disclaimer: I play both EN and JP, and have no money invested in Sakura whatsoever – so this is as objective as it can possibly be at the moment.

I think I speak for everyone who’s ever as much as touched an English Weiss Schwarz card when I say that the EN side of the game is not what it could be. Unreliable release dates, outdated booster box formats and laughable translation errors are like the damn plague – except that unlike these problems, the plague eventually ended.

However, compared to the Abyssal Fleet and P5 delays, the Konosuba cards literally stuck in pack seals and the high amount of translation errata from the previous years, 2018 seemed to be a decent year for EN. No set got pushed back for half a year, and the errata page wasn’t a shameful overflowing disaster either (at least until the Kantai Euro Fleet traits happened, but that’s another story). The fact that such fundamental things can actually be pointed out as progress for the EN side of the game is kinda sad, but it’s the reality nonetheless. At least it seemed like they were doing something, and then came the announcement of Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card!!

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Not Everything Has To Be an Eren To Be Worth Your Time

This thing. Ask anyone who’s ever played Weiss with me and they’ll tell you that I don’t like this thingLucky for me, my locals are mostly full of SAO and idols, so I don’t run into Erens nearly enough to be salty about losing to them – so disclaimer, this post is not a pile of game-losing salt. Sorry to disappoint.

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