WS Invitationals Round 2: “No Cancels Deck Empty Eat 12” | Match Review vs. Sunshine

Well, those were some interesting games! If you didn’t see the stream when it was live, feel free to watch it now because it’s about as short as two games of Weiss can be 😀

The title of this post may be a play on Carmen’s deck name, but it’s also 100% the truth because in game 1, I went straight from level 0 to 2. Not much that can be done in that situation, which was honestly a shame – I had my hand perfectly setup for a great level 1 game against the Chika suiciders. The 1/1 Rimi finally saw board, together with the rest of my reverse denial tools, but it honestly didn’t matter anymore at that point: on Carmen’s last turn, I was 8 climaxes out with about 10 cards still left in my deck. He truly had great control over his deck state the entire game & was able to punish my bad compression like a proper good player.

Game 2 went a bit better, but it wasn’t long before I was once again stuck with a whole level of damage more than what he was at. On the plus side though, I did manage to pull off one very sneaky free fresh counter which led into a bunch of unexpected cancels and then into a hail Mary turn after I sacked enough to rip the Starbeat CX off the top of my deck. But I guess I now need to offer Carmen my EU citizenship, since in the end, his cancels were clearly stronger than mine!

So even though I lost 0-2 once again, this game already felt a lot better than last week! Outside of accidentally bombing a CX out of Carmen’s stock in game 2, I don’t think I made any other misplays this time around – at least nothing like accidentally ditching a red card and then not being able to pay the cost for double finishers. If I had another week of time to grind with this build, I’m pretty sure I could make it work in my favor; but alas, I’m out of the bracket now. It was super fun to be part of this tournament though: as I already mentioned on stream, in the past few weeks, I got the opportunity to interact more with so many community members, it’s honestly insane!

So while I’m no longer playing, I’ll obviously still keep my homepage updated with all the recent info for as long as the Invitationals go on. And in the mean time, I’ll write up another Bang Dream deck tech next week to showcase the build I’ve been looking forward to once the new set drops 😛

Best of luck to Carmen in his match-up against Sven in round 3!

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