Deck Building Journal: Guilty Gear – STRIVE –

I’m the kinda person who’ll come up with a Christmas gift in July and spoil it by mid-August, so it’s a bloody miracle I’ve been sitting on some exciting Guilty Gear -Strive- card reveals for over a month without losing my marbles. But as far as I can tell, I’m no less sane than when I took 5Pants3Standby Bang Dream to regionals, so in the following days, this post will grace you with a progressive insight into the deck crafting process of the creature who once unironically built this and liked it. If this venture were to have a disclaimer, it would be for entertainment purposes mostly – my entertainment, that is.

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Weiss Schwarz Japanese Banlist – June 2023 Update

Changes take effect on June 17th 2023. Applies only to Japanese format. 

For cards where restrictions have changed, their previous restrictions are shown in the smaller icon above the bigger icon with their current restriction status.

You can use this visual wherever you want for whatever purpose – a link back to this post is appreciated, but not required. High-res version of the image can be found here.

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B = Banned. You can not play this card.
U = Unrestricted. This card no longer has any restrictions.
L = Limited. You can only play a certain number of this card in a deck. For example, L1 means that you can only play 1 copy of that card.
C = Choice-restricted. The cards that are on the choice list can not be played together in the same deck. For example, C3 means that there are 3 cards you can choose from: you can play any number of the card you choose, but you can’t play any copies of the other two cards in the same deck.

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Gaffer Tape and Dreams: The Established and The Obsolete

This isn’t necessarily a Weiss Schwarz article. It isn’t even necessarily a TCG article. But it is a conconction of thoughts on communities, and the content and resources that keep them alive and propel them forward, so I’ve taken the liberty of posting it here nonetheless. Not like anyone’s there to stop me from posting whatever the hell I want: it’s my website after all.

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BRO 2023: The Sack, The What The Heck and The Evolution of My Deck

BRO happened today … or yesterday, I guess. The majority of it was yesterday for me, and I’m writing this introduction just short of 2 am after concluding the NA/LA part of BRO in the evening and EU in the morning. It was my first time participating in two regions, and while I’m not opposed to the idea, I think next year I should try the nap > AO > nap > NA/LA combo instead.

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English Banlist Thoughts: How About You Just Don’t Do Anything?

See this card? I like this card.

It’s unique, it’s funny, it’s a two second power trip of hope for an otherwise very sad Haruhi player. It’s a good card – but I say this today, not necessarily back when it was first released in Japanese.

In an era of Weiss when a fair few Climax Combos are still reasonably deadly even when forced into two or three side attacks (if they can even be forced at all), this is a good card because it poses a credible threat which can be dealt with via game knowledge and good playing. It is a good card because it raises the stakes, and in doing so, also raises the quality of the game being played. It is a good card because it’s a challenge that your opponent can accept.

But what if we’re not in that era of Weiss?

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