Mushoku Tensei Deck and Match-Up Guide by Roy Choi

Roy’s been playing Mushoku since the set released in JP, and after topping BRO 2022 with the infamous 8 Standby build, he took the time to create a very detailed guide for the deck’s options and lines of play against different decks. Seeing as it was originally posted as a Google doc in the FB Global Community, I thought it would be worthwhile to re-work it into a form that’s easier to find, especially for new players who might not be in all the different Facebook and Discord groups where these kinda links are usually shared. So here we are, with all the expert Mushoku content in blog format!

Everything else going forward is Roy’s work, which I hope you’ll find as insightful as I did 🙂


Player Intro

Hello everyone!

I am Roy Choi, a Weiss Schwarz player located in Toronto, Canada playing in a team called Team SUGU. I got a couple of requests or questions from a couple of people who wanted to know how 8 standby Mushoku Tensei (MTI) played as a deck and its matchup spread, so I have written this guide to help the newer players and to provide my thoughts on the deck. Note that these are my opinions and it is not the objective truth on the topic, however I have played the deck since its release in JP and I have won the online Mushoku Tensei release event, and the BSF New Jersey trios shortly after MTI release. And recently I have top 8’d BRO 2022 in the NA/LA region so I do have a decent amount of experience on the deck.

Twitter: ENENE@TeamSUGU | Discord: ENENE#8798


Mushoku Tensei Online Release Tournament Winner

Bushiroad Springfest 2022 New Jersey 1st Place

Bushiroad Rumble Online 2022 NA/LA Top 8

Card Choices

Level 0 Core

MTI has a variety of good options for its level 0 game. The 3 strong pillars of the level 0 game are these cards:

“Talent for Magic” Rudeus – Runner: Almost instant 4 of in the deck. It provides a very strong going 1st plussing option as it is very likely to live at running 3.5k and even a very strong play going 2nd play in order to out opponent’s high power level 0s.

“Eye on the Forehead” Ruijerd – Searcher: Another very strong 4 of level 0, it becomes basically ditch search most of the time at level 0. You are basically playing 8 Rudeus runners with this card since you can search the runner off ruijerd and it will still be a 3.5k runner. It is very useful to ditch 2/2s or standby targets at level 0 to prepare for the upcoming level 1 game. Also sometimes you can just use it to force yourself to level to 2 or 3 to play around the anti-change counter or to play higher level cards. Allows you to toolbox your whole deck.

“Things I Can Give You” Roxy – Brainstorm: Every deck needs some backrow plussing option, usually in the form of a brainstorm, however this brainstorm does everything for you. It is a mill option in the 8 standby deck, it is a tapself plussing brainstorm and it provides a twin-drive effect which is very crucial in the deck in order to hit offensive standbys early to set up the board.

Level 0 Tech Options I Play

“Loli, Scornful Eyes, Unfriendly” Roxy – CX Swap: Not 100% required in the deck, but the power pump that doesn’t require a climax is relevant in certain match ups, and having 1 of cx swap is good with Ruijerd searcher.

“Seductive Invitation” Eris – Chiyuri: Good 1 of card in scenarios where you need to mill without spending stock. The deck sometimes has stock problems going into level 1 so it helps you mill and filter for 0 stock.

Adventurer’s Guild Receptionist – Spammable Brainstorm: I rate this card very highly. It’s a ditch out, draw 1 in cases you need to mill 1 more or dig 1 more for certain cards, and it is a spammable brainstorm to get out of unfavourable deckstates.

“Unraveling Heart” Lilia – Stock Kick Backrow: Really relevant in certain match ups. Against the new 8 standby Nino Quintuplets deck, it is your way to fight back against their hand encore standby targets as they are weak on defense so even your 1/1 Eris or Ghislaine accelerate 1/0s can beat it and stock kick it. It is also great against level 0s that have effects on death/reverse such as Aqua/Laplace/AkiRose in Hololive or pay 1 encore cards such as Shizu in Slime.

Rudeus Greyrat – Sinker: A very good 1 of to have against opposing plussing runners or even against large beatstick level 0s that you are not able to out. Easily searchable going 2nd with Ruijerd and it also has pay 2 salvage in case you don’t get hit level to 1 with a hand of no level 0s, so you can salvage playables for the following turn. 

“Offering a Hand” Rudeus – Bouncer: Good 1 of in a deck to power pump to out certain walls. It is really good in the mirror as it provides power over the opponent’s big power cards and it also rearranges the top deck so that you don’t first trigger standby.

Level 1 Core

MTI’s core gameplan at level 1 revolves around the 1/1 Eris combo:

“Violent Tsundere Young Lady” Eris – The True Powerhouse of the Deck: It is a plussing level 1 combo on a standby trigger that is continuous 7.5k power regardless of how many characters are on board that also mills?! Very good at setting up the deck’s core gameplan as it mills into your 2/2 Ghislaines or other standby targets while plussing you follow ups or counters. Also, the card is very likely to live to loop combo again if you have another climax. 

“Swordsmanship Coach” Ghislaine – Accelerate: Good alternative level 1 play option. It is very likely to just accelerate and plus 1 card while milling. It is very good against decks like 8 Standby Quintuplets since you are able to reverse their weak 2/2s with some power pump and plus. Another play you can make is to standby it out at level 0 and force level with the accelerate in order to standby out level 2s since you accelerate first before you play the standby. Even if you start at 0-4 clock at the beginning of turn, you can clock + Ruijerd + Ghislaine into level 1 and standby out level 2s.

Level 1 Counter Options

“Future Guide” Roxy – 2k Counter: Just a good ol’ fashioned 2k counter. You can grab it off Eris combo to try and keep it alive for the next turn or even hold it to contest board.

“Intense Outrage” Ruijerd – Leafa Counter: Another good 2k counter option. It is costed which sometimes is good at paying out last trigger climax and it even helps you cancel sometimes. If your opponent tries to play around the rest counter by siding two lanes or bouncing a card, it is a good defensive option to use on their last attack to get a better chance at cancelling.

Level 2 Core

MTI’s level 2 cards are very strong in power level consisting of the currently banned in JP format cards – the Ghislaine 2/2 standby target and the Rudeus rest counter.

“Strong Body” Ghislaine: Honestly, this card is the reason to play the deck. When it comes down at level 1 with Eris combo, it turns your Eris into 8.5k instantly and triggering 1 more standby to spawn another one makes Eris 1/1s very hard to kill. Not only that, it’s a 2 soul attacker for the following turn and it also is very likely to live as it is usually 9k+ in power. 

“Just a Child” Rudeus – Rest Counter: This is the ultimate defensive option in this deck. This card allows you to play for board and have a safe cushion for whatever that may happen in late game. Since you are playing an 8 Standby deck, they are very unlikely to be able to side you efficiently and they have to play certain cards and waste resources to play around it.

“Fine Feathers Make Fine Birds” Eris: Good standard hand encore 2/2 target. Since Ghislaine 2/2 is worse than this card in certain match ups, such as Danmachi or 8 Standby Quintuplets, as she is very likely to be outed, this card is an alternative option for a 2 soul attacker of choice for the midgame.

Level 3 Core

MTI’s level 3 game strongly depends on the Ghislaine finisher and Paul.

“Strong Swordswoman” Ghislaine: Finisher that can’t be countered/evented on and a good Standby target to out basically any card. Ghislaine is not a very strong finisher in terms of the reach or the finishing power. Burn 2 on a pay 2 is very generic and it may even be considered a bad finisher by 2022 standards, however the 1st line of text is too strong. First, it dodges any counter, that means it dodges tap counter, money counter, neg soul counter, etc. In the current meta full of defensive option counters, this finisher will not be stopped with any counter they have. Not only that, standbying this out at level 2 can out basically any card they have, whether it be Kanata change, or opposing walling Pauls, which is essential in not allowing opponents to snowball. Lastly, on top of the insane anti-counter tech and decent burn, it is also a healer.

“Talented Swordsman” Paul – Self-Cancel Burn: This is another common front row card you will have. The 1.5k power pump is very strong in midgame. If you are able to hit standby on this card at level 2 post refresh in deck 2, it is able to provide a large pressure for your opponent as you cancelling with the card will punish your opponent with burns, especially if your opponent is slamming 1k1 climaxes. Also the built-in twin drive is good at paying out climaxes, triggering for extra damage, or even trying to proc Roxy 3/2 backrow to give twindrive to another character after triggering a climax.

Level 3 Tech Options I Play

“Migurd Race Magician” Roxy: This card is good at allowing you to pay out climaxes with twindrive even without slamming a climax with Roxy brainstorm, and it is good in certain match ups in helping you wall them out.

“Chant” Roxy – Trial Deck Burn: I have been very impressed by this card. Sometimes you need extra instances of damage but don’t have access to Ghislaine finishers. Good synergy with Eris burner also as it allows you to burn 3 when opponents are sitting at 3-0 and go for 2-2-2 swings for lethal.

“Boreas Family’s Daughter” Eris – Early Play Burn: This card is so good midgame. It pushes extra damage, it is 11k cont without any other power pumps and it also has the effect to bounce back to hand for more burns later on in the game.

“Tomboyish Childhood Friend” Sylphiette – Stockswap: I know some people take the card out, however I think the opportunity cost of playing it is so small that you should play it as it is good against memory compression decks or the new Tokyo Revengers deck if you randomly get hit to 3 and try to go for game.

“Life’s Starting Line” Rudeus – Early Play: This is a card I am considering cutting. However early play ditch heal to stock can never be bad especially in a standby deck where you want to actively ditch standby targets.

Changes I Would Make Post BRO 2022 Going Into BCS 2022 Season

That concludes my 2022 BSF NJ/2022 BRO NA/LA decklist. It may see changes and I have played variety of builds such as Roxy Amulet build, 6 Standby 2 Ruijerd Bar, 8 Standby without Paul, or the new post banlist lists in JP with Sylph counters and even lists with rest counter choice without 2/2 Ghislaine. In the current EN format, I do believe that the list that I will describe below is my current best list.

This is the list I have made based on the decks seen at BRO and the match ups I respect the most. I did not change much, but I have replaced 1x Paul level 3 frontrow and 1x Roxy 2k counter for 1 more copy of 2/2 Eris hand encore and an anti-change counter.

1x Paul 3/2 → 1x 2/2 Eris hand encore: This change was made with the idea that Danmachi and 8 Standby Quintuplets are new in the meta, so the hand encore 2/2 is valued much more over the Ghislaine which will easily be outed by those decks. Also the Eris 2/2 hand encore can be hand encored after being reversed by Kanata combo from HOL and it will be able to contest it with power pumps while dodging anti-change. 

1x Roxy 2k counter → 1x Anti-Change counter: This change was made with similar meta adjustments. Anti-change counter is good against Kanata and can challenge 2 Kanata lanes sometimes if the opponent is not expecting it and they try to front a high power card. Also is good against 8 Standby Quintuplets and even in the mirror match. Also the 2k counter has very little value now as it is not good in Danmachi or 8 Standby Quintuplets match ups as they are above counter range.

By removing 1x Paul, we lost some high roll potential but I think just 2 copies in the deck is fine. Also by removing the Roxy 2k counter, we lost our percentage in the mirror but I think I respect the other decks in the meta enough that I am willing to lose a very little percentage in the mirror match.

Other Options You Have Access To In The Set

Most 8 Standby MTI lists are very very similar as they share the same 43+ cards in the list (86%+). The big difference I have with most other 8 Standyby lists based on lists from the 2022 BSF season and 2022 BRO is that I do not play the Roxy amulet package of Amulet of Migurd Race and “Audible Gasps” Roxy.

Basically this small 4~6 card engine allows you to get a free search at the cost of it being delayed. The card does not plus you, however, it allows you to have search selection when you play the event or when you level. It is very nice when you refresh into a new deck during your opponent’s attack phase, level, then compress for each amulet in memory. HOWEVER, the big downside is that it needs to be played at 1 to be most useful. It is an amazing ditch out at level 1 as it can search your level 1 combo and let you ditch useless standby targets, but it still requires a blue in clock/level which is hard sometimes when you are force leveling to level 1 or when you just don’t have access to blue. I have felt that the event is so bricky at level 1 when you can’t play it and it almost loses its purpose when you cannot play it to ditch 2/2 standby targets at level 1. Additionally, it does require Roxy on board. I know that condition seems fake but sometimes you just have this amulet without the brainstorm or the bonder and it’s just rotting in your hand and it just feels really bad. My general deck building theory/idea is that I don’t want dead cards in my hand at crucial turns such as my level 1 combo turn because of certain conditions or colour requirements.

“Boreas Family’s Bodyguard” Ghislaine: This can’t be reversed by cost 0 1/1 is not good in the current meta of multiple 8 Standby Quintuplets and MTI and it is realistically a tech against Danmachi. I personally would rather play more Ghislaine accelerates against that match up. It is a preference based choice however.

“Daily Growth” Rudeus – Adachi/Anti-change Stock Bomb: I don’t feel the need to play Adachi yet. However that may change as it is becoming more relevant with Kanata and 8 Standby Quintuplets being popular. But I still wanna play for board and I feel that Eris 2/2 is good enough against those decks.

Man-God: This card is bad, don’t play it. I know some players can get baited by “stockswap-fumio broken” but no, 3/5 unsearchable event is too expensive and is not worth your time.

“Swordsman of Beauty” Eris – Cleancut: Okay, I used to think clean-cuts in 8 Standby was bad my whole life of playing standby decks since time. But that was because the idea was that you want to hit level 1 first to set up an unbreakable board. That has now changed though. Except for the mirror, decks like 8 Standby Quintuplets or Danmachi are able to beat your board almost guaranteed regardless of if you hit level 1 first. I will explain more of the dynamics of the popular matchups below but TLDR I think tri-laning at level 0 as a standby deck is fine nowadays and sometimes you wanna race or soul rush some decks early in deck 1 like the Kanata match up in certain scenarios. So I am considering this card possibly, can’t say for 100% since I haven’t tested it in current EN format.

Match-Up Guide and Dynamics

Based on results of BRO and BSF of the 2022 season, I have listed the match ups I feel are relevant for the upcoming BCS 2022 season. If you have more other rogue deck match up questions, feel free to message me on Discord or Twitter.

8 Standby MTI Mirror (50/50 Matchup)

The mirror is heavily dependent on who hits level 1 first, and who is able to develop and break boards better than the opponent. The player that hits level 1 first that is able to set up multiple Eris 1/1s with a Ghislaine 2/2 in the back row will be very ahead as the opponent will be forced to crash or side the eris unless they hit more standbys on 2/2 Ghislaines on you. However, the back row Rudeus bouncer is able to break that paradigm as it can pump two of your Erises 1k power each.

As a player who is behind on board there are two ways to approach the match up post your level 1 combo turn. You can try to play for board by hitting 2 first and walling your opponent. As standby decks are not too good at pushing damage, you can try to hit level 2 first, set up boards that wall your opponent out. Another way to approach the match up from being behind on board is to try and soul rush them. This strategy however is very technical and you need to know the position you are in. This strategy works when your opponent is 5~6 damage above you and they have bad deck 1 compression (they are out a lot of cx at their deck 1), for example you are at 1-0 and they are at 1-5 with full board and 2 in 12. Obviously you cannot punish them like the 1k1 decks would, but you still have multiple soul triggers in the deck and twindrive off Roxy brainstorm to try and race them.

I recommend that you do not play for the rest counter in the match up as Ghislaine prevents it. Try to play for board, as it will give you the best chance at winning, and also standbying out Ghislaine finisher at level 2 to out their important cards like Paul is a good route to take. 2/2 Eris is able to be a constant board breaker unless they stock kick it and anti-change counter is good if they play EP or if they want to play off Roxy 3/2 back row.

Good cards in the matchup:

Bad cards in the matchup: 2/1 Rudeus Rest Counter

Kanata/Marine HOL (60/40 Matchup)

This matchup dynamic changes depending on who hits level 2 first. The match up is very dependent on who hits level 2 first and the game plan may change depending on that fact. The stock Kanata/Marine list is a deck that wants to hit level 2 first before the opponent to Kanata combo in order to salvage counters, such as anti-change or the rest counter, to wall and keep Kanatas alive for another turn of combo. If they are able to hit level 2 first, then they will very likely out your level 1 board set up and wall you for another turn, which is bad.

However, if you are able to hit level 2 first, standby out Ghislaine finisher in the back row, then you are able to out Kanatas with nothing to worry about as they cannot counter it. So it is recommended that you hit level 2 first before your HOL opponent does and standby out the Ghislaine finisher. Also the anti-change counter and 2/2 Eris are good for challenging Kanata. On top of that, the Kanata/Marine deck also has another lose condition by having bad deck control and taking damage post Kanata combo. They have very bad mill options and most are costed, so their deck 1 is very bad. If you can punish this by rushing them early at level 0 or getting direct attacks/soul triggers at level 1 to push damage, they will easily take the damage. They play heavily off of their clock plus options such as Aqua/Laplace/AkiRose so they are bound to take the damage in the early game.

Even after their first Kanata combo turn, their compression isn’t that insane, and they still do not have good milling options at deck 2. They have to clutch on changing again to heal or playing off the rest counter late game. As you do not need to worry about the rest counter, just focus on hitting them to level 3. Best case scenario is if you can hit them from level 2 to level 3 right after they Kanata combo while being ahead in damage. They actually play only Kanatas as healers most of the time so you force them the option of healing a couple of times at best or to go for game while you are at level 2 with Marine, which is very hard as your rest counter is alive while their rest counter is dead.

Good cards in the matchup:

Bad cards in the matchup: 3/2 Early Play Burn Eris, or any early play at 2 that loses to anti-change counter.

8 Standby Quintuplets (35/65 Matchup)

Typical bad matchup but there are ways to play around it mostly by being aggressive. The deck is kind of built to bully MTI as it has 2/2 hand encores that are easily over your counter range at level 1. The way that I like to approach the match up is playing aggressively at level 0. The match up dynamic works in a way that they will try to use their 2/2 standby combo as soon as they hit level 1 to out your board and attack with a 2 soul attacker. So hitting level 1 first and playing out Eris combo is actually very bad, as they will be able to out it easily with the standby they were gonna play anyway. Try to play aggressively at level 0 off the Rudeus runner plus or Rudeus sinker against their 3.5k runner and trilane them so they hit level 1 first and are forced to play the standby to get the 2/2 out, so that way you are at least able to out the 2/2 using your 8.5k Eris and get 1 hand out of them. Also by having the board of 0s, your opponent is wasting their 2/2 stand combo on outing your useless level 0s.

Post level 1, there are two ways to approach the match up. First is being a high roll gamer and hitting insane powers so that your opponent can’t out your board. It doesn’t happen often but you can sometimes hit a Roxy backrow + double Paul + Ghislaine or some combination of insane power pumps to hit like 14.5k+ power so that they cannot out your board. The second, more realistic way to play the match up is to play off Lilia stock kick and play the resource game. Your level 1 standby combo actually plusses hand unlike theirs do, so play off the resources gained from Eris combo, play for outing 1 hand encore at a time using cards like Eris 2/2 hand encore. Also Eris 3/2 early play is actually very good in the match up as it is able to be a 14k+ cont with 1 Ghislaine 2/2 and Roxy 3/2 backrow and it also lets you be aggressive during midgame, and even if they out it, it can bounce back.

Lastly, their defensive option of neg soul counter is dead against your finisher but your rest counter is alive against them, so try to take advantage of that. In conclusion, I would try to be overall more aggressive and try to play off resources gained from Eris combo and the 2/2 Eris during early~mid game and use Eris EP to be aggressive and play off the rest counter late game.

Good cards in the matchup:

Bad cards in the matchup:

Power pumpers are not too good as they easily die BUT a certain combination of multiple in a high roll game may be good.

Korone/Marine HOL (55/45 Matchup)

Typical 1k1 vs 8 Standby match up. Play towards board and hitting level 1 first to wall off Korone and watch out for Watame Early Play that can bottom deck your cards. I have played this match up too many times as a bunch of players from Toronto play this deck. You want to play for board from level 1. Try to hit level 1 first, get 2+ Eris combos on board and standby out Ghislaine in the front row if you trigger a CX that turn to fully deny Korone combo. They could have Marine level 1 bomb to get their Korone combo off, but it is still fine playing for board as they will crash and their resources can easily be depleted while you plus off your board.

Also Lilia backrow is very good against their level 0 game. It can stock kick and prevent Aqua from plussing, and it prevents their memory cards from going to memory so it disrupts their early play Polka gameplan strongly. The scariest part of their deck is that Watame can absolutely dunk on any card on your board and pick your board apart. However, if they use up Watame at level 2 to out your board, they have spent their precious stock and they might not be able to grab it again to use it on their finisher turn to turn off your rest counter. Some players do play Ayame which also kind of destroys the board at level 2, but again, they have wasted resources that help them play around rest counter during their finisher turn.

In conclusion, play towards board. They have a hard time outing cards that are bigger than 9.5k at level 1, so if you hold 2k counter up for your Eris 1/1s they will have a hard time outing it. Then for the rest of the game just play towards plussing off the board while forcing them to use up their board breakers early so that their Marine finisher turns become prone to your rest counter.

Good cards in the matchup:

Bad cards in the matchup: 0/0 Rudeus Bouncer, 3/2 Sylphiette Stockswap

Bell/Hestia 12 event Danmachi (30/70 Matchup)

Another very bad match up, try to play towards hand encore Eris and Early play Eris and try to play as aggressively as possible. The match up is very bad as they are a 1k1 deck that can loop combos and 1k1s while beating up on your board and lock your standby’d out cards in back row with Hestia check 3.

You just have to play like how you play against 8 Standby Quintuplets. You need to be aggressive at level 0, hit them to level 1 first and pressure them to slam their Bell combo on outing your level 0s, then you can kill the Bells on the crack back using your Eris 1/1s. They can out your Eris 1/1s and even Ghislaine 2/2s using Bell the turn after, but they have to spend their resources on milling out to have Firebolts in WR if they have refreshed into deck 2 to make Bells big enough. I recommend that you standby out Eris hand encores over Ghislaine 2/2s as the 1k global does not make your board stronger, and having 2 soul attacker with hand encore is good. Also when you trigger standby, put your Eris 2/2 in front row even if it may be outed, since if you put it in back row, it will very very likely be locked by Hestia.

Their finisher is not very good, so take advantage of that and try to push them to level 3 fast by being aggressive as their plays at level 3 are not too good. Your finisher prevents them from using Hestia Knife and that can be game winning. In conclusion, play aggressively at 0 to force them to use bell combo on them, then play off your Eris hand encore 2/2 and try to hit them to level 3.

Good cards in the matchup:

Bad cards in the matchup:

Choice Standby RWBY (55/45 Matchup)

RWBY has a very good level 0 and 1 game, however your MTI cards tend to have higher card quality and overall better mid to late game. I honestly did not play against this deck until BRO but this deck caught me by surprise. The deck is really consistent and it has a really strong early game.

You should try and play around their level 0 plusses such as Sun Wukong or the Weiss PR by prioritizing runners and try to hit level 1 first to set up your Eris board. They have a really good plan at level 1 with Jaune combo and level 1 bomb. You should try to force them to push the Jaune combo in front row so they don’t loop combo the turn after, and give them a single reverse if possible and plus off your other lanes that live. They usually have enough power pump to get over 1 lane most of the time, and they usually cannot contest your level 1 board easily if you have a counter or if they do not have a level 1 bomb.

Also their midgame consists of Yang 2/2s (which I believe are fairly hard to get out as a 2 of in most decks in a 4 standby deck), looping level 1 combo or going for the Pyrrha combo. They usually have a hard time looping combo if your board is developed with 2/2s or level 3s, and they will crash most of the time, but they can achieve getting reverses with 1/1 Glynda sometimes. So the only mid game action from your opponent that you should be worried about is them catching you off guard with the Pyrrha combo. While I don’t think this combo is remotely powerful at all in terms of the finishing power, if you are not careful, you will get shuffled back and take damage you could’ve prevented. Try to mill out into refresh if you can and if you are out, even if it means that you don’t refresh with the CX in play.

Their end game isn’t too strong but they can easily play around your rest counter with no back up Nora 3/2 or the bouncer James. Therefore, you should try to play for hitting level 1 first, setting up a good Eris 1/1 board and play towards strong board in mid to late game. You should play towards your finishers as they are much better than theirs, and you should not play heavily towards rest counter since RWBY players can have their hand set up to beat it.

Good cards in the matchup:

Bad cards in the matchup: 0/0 Rudeus Bouncer, 2/1 Rudeus Rest Counter

TRV Chifuyu/Baji Dual Laners (65/35 Matchups)

This deck is really bad at being aggressive early game and you should take advantage of that and play very ahead in damage. This new breakout deck of BRO has topped a couple of times and there is a very big hype for it. However, I do not think this deck is good and it is a very coinflippy deck that tries to game from 2-3.

The deck is built around the Chifuyu that allows you to stock charge by only having 2 cards in front row and it uses all of its stock for the Baji finisher to do like 16+ damage on their combo turn. The biggest downside is that starting from level 1, they are going to attack twice per turn meaning their damage output is reduced to 2/3 of what other decks normally will produce. That means you should take advantage of this and try to be very aggressive and force them to use their combo while you are out of their typical kill range.

They also cannot out your Eris 1/1s or anything bigger than 7k power almost ever, and they usually won’t even try to. They then have to waste their resources or clock to get the Chifuyus back in hand which will increase the disparity between resources and damage even more. If you are decently compressed and with rest counter at below 2-4, it is very very hard for them to go for the kill, so try to stay ahead in damage the whole game and play aggressively. They give you free direct attack lanes and they don’t contest your lane, so just swing your 3s before they are too compressed.

Good cards in the matchup:

Bad cards in the matchup: 0/0 Rudeus Bouncer, 3/2 Sylphiette Stockswap, 2/1 Ghislaine anti-change counter. Don’t get baited by stockswap too much, it is very fake as good TRV players will try to game you before level 3 or at least attempt to and spend all their stock, but if the TRV player does not know the match up, it can be good against them.

Notes on other rogue matchups that I won’t explicitly go through

Rushia HOL
I think Rushia combo is very bad and you will win just by remembering not to leave a few cards in deck and always try to refresh so that you don’t take random damage from Rushia. They don’t have a real finisher so just holding the rest counter does so much.

Mashiro/X Bang Dream
It is just a typical 1k1 deck. They cannot out your board until they set up Chu2 Early Play with Pareo. They usually only are able to field 1 Chu2 on their first turn of level 2, so 1 or 2 lanes may live. You can try to standby out Ghislaine finisher to out the Chu2 early play at level 2. Note that rest counter is not very effective against them as Chu2 has hexproof and good BD players will try to play around it by having 2 Chu2s on board when they Mashiro combo you and swing with Mashiro first so do not play towards rest counter heavily. 

8 Choice Slime
I actually have not much to say about this match up. They have a hard time outing your board so play off the strength of your board. They do have a bouncer so they can blank your rest counter. 

LSS Stocksoul/X
Their Chika bomb combo is very annoying so try to hit them to level 1 first and force them to use Chika combo to retrieve hand. If they out your board with Chika bomb, they are allowing you to direct for extra soul so take advantage of that. If all lanes of your board are stronger than You or can contest it, then you should be good as they have to keep spending resources to get their You out for extra damage. They could also run bouncer so watch out.


I do enjoy playing the deck very much and I do feel that it is a very strong choice for the upcoming BCS season if you wish to top or even win a BCS! I will be participating in the circuit as well so I hope to see many of you out there! 

If you are just picking up the deck or learning how to play the deck, I hope this guide helps you and let me know if you want more of this content. As a member of Team SUGU, we do post videos and deck profiles on our youtube channel. We even got hype box opening videos and game play videos. 

You can also watch my gameplays from time to time at Toronto Locals (K-os Collectibles) at Steve’s WS channel curated by 2016 WGP nationals champion Steve Chu. 

❤️ Shoutouts:

As always big shoutouts to Toronto/GTA WS group and everyone that cheered me through the recent BRO tournament: Kevin ‘Weissgod Sasuke’ Phongsa, Brandon “Weiss General Itachi’ Phongsa, my love Chatha brothers Udhay and Ajit, Sam ‘Hikago BRO Champion’ Kim and the Nguyen family from Team SUGU, Kristy ‘Soon SBTCG LUNA’, Brampton Bilmer and my dads Tony Dam and Nick Tran, and lastly to my grandpas Sajeev the BSF champion and already mentioned Brandon Phongsa.

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