About Me

Welcome! Given that you’ve stumbled onto this page, I assume you’re looking to find out what the face behind Weiss Tea Time does when she’s not writing or playing Weiss. Though I’ll be honest, on some days it doesn’t feel like I do much else at all!

I’m usually working from home on a variety of projects, from graphic design to social media management and several things in between. Funny enough, this website and my interest in online communities actually preceed my decision to go into this field of work, so I kinda turned my hobby into a career even though that wasn’t really my intention.

Outside of work, I try to make sure I don’t burn out from creating content all the time. On an evening off, you’ll find me camped under a blanket, watching some anime or stage play adaptations – maybe even an old crime show here and there. I enjoy listening to music (well, more like playing one song on repeat for 5 hours), staying up until the early morning, scrolling through Reddit, recreationally using spreadsheets for things they were most certainly not meant for, and rearranging my office every few months to make space for more merch.

When I made this website back in 2016, I had absolutely zero idea of how it would turn out, or if I’d even stick with it after a year or two. But despite all odds, I have persevered and somehow stumbled through a bunch of questionable deck techs to wherever I am now. To be honest, it’s been a really weird journey in many ways!

I never thought Weiss Tea Time would become such a vast project, but here we are. Weiss Schwarz, both as a game and as a community, has been absolutely incredible to me over the years – and I’m happy to be able to give some of that back!

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