Weissplaining: Weiss Schwarz Rules, Explained In A Simple Way

Welcome to the archive of the Weissplaining series. Below, you can find links to all the rule questions I’ve covered so far, but if there’s a specific one you’d like me to write about, please leave a comment on one of the existing posts, or send me a message!

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The Post That Started It All

Weissplaining #1 – Playing vs. Placing On Stage

Weissplaining #2 – The Resolution Zone

Weissplaining #3 – Check Timing, Play Timing & Rule Actions

Weissplaining #4 – Double Losses in Weiss aka “Ifrit at Level 3?”

Weissplaining #5 – Why Counters And Backups Aren’t The Same Thing

Weissplaining #6 – Multiple AUTO Abilities Activating At The Same Time

Weissplaining #7 – Reveal vs. Flip Over vs. Look At

Weissplaining #8 – Do Things Stack?

Weissplaining #9 – Few Cards Left in Deck, Now What?

Weissplaining #10 – Encore: The Step vs. The Keyword Ability