Gaffer Tape and Dreams: The Established and The Obsolete

This isn’t necessarily a Weiss Schwarz article. It isn’t even necessarily a TCG article. But it is a conconction of thoughts on communities, and the content and resources that keep them alive and propel them forward, so I’ve taken the liberty of posting it here nonetheless. Not like anyone’s there to stop me from posting whatever the hell I want: it’s my website after all.

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BRO 2023: The Sack, The What The Heck and The Evolution of My Deck

BRO happened today … or yesterday, I guess. The majority of it was yesterday for me, and I’m writing this introduction just short of 2 am after concluding the NA/LA part of BRO in the evening and EU in the morning. It was my first time participating in two regions, and while I’m not opposed to the idea, I think next year I should try the nap > AO > nap > NA/LA combo instead.

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English Banlist Thoughts: How About You Just Don’t Do Anything?

See this card? I like this card.

It’s unique, it’s funny, it’s a two second power trip of hope for an otherwise very sad Haruhi player. It’s a good card – but I say this today, not necessarily back when it was first released in Japanese.

In an era of Weiss when a fair few Climax Combos are still reasonably deadly even when forced into two or three side attacks (if they can even be forced at all), this is a good card because it poses a credible threat which can be dealt with via game knowledge and good playing. It is a good card because it raises the stakes, and in doing so, also raises the quality of the game being played. It is a good card because it’s a challenge that your opponent can accept.

But what if we’re not in that era of Weiss?

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Attack on Titan Final Season: Full Trial Deck+ Review

As I’m sure most of you already know, Attack on Titan: Final Season is coming to Weiss Schwarz on September 16th as an English Edition Original. We’ll be seeing more cards from the Booster Pack soon, but today I’m bringing you a review of all 20 Trial Deck+ cards in collaboration with Bushiroad!

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BSF 2022: Top Weiss Schwarz Decks + Stats

A seasonal collection of the best sets, winning decklists and accompanying stats from the 2022 Bushiroad Springfest – for all your English Weiss Schwarz meta needs.

If you want to support my work, the kofi page is here.

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BRO 2021: Weiss Schwarz Top 8 Deck Lists + Stats

Bushiroad Rumble Online 2021 just wrapped up this past weekend. A big perk of online tournaments is that they make it easier to gather everyone’s decklists – so if you’re in search of the best decks (and players) in the current English Weiss Schwarz meta, look no further!

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How To Be A Successful Weiss Schwarz Content Creator | A Story of 5 Years

The worst mistake I think you can make in any creative endeavor is to wait until you feel like you’re good enough. Like, if I had done that with this, all of this never would have happened.
~ Adam Ragusea

You might be wondering why I’m starting a TCG post with a quote from a YouTube chef, but if you’re familiar with his channel, you’ll know that when he posted his first videos, he absolutely didn’t expect to be doing that full time years later. And much in the same vein, when I made this blog over 5 years ago, I also didn’t expect that it would stick around this long, much less that it would actually mean something. Over the years, I’ve noticed that people have all sorts of ideas about how exactly the path to successful content looks like, and many of them kinda miss the mark by a long shot. So to satisfy some curiosity and hopefully help out others who want to start making stuff for the Weiss community, I thought I’d make this post to mark the blog’s 5th anniversary. I’ve been planning it for almost a whole year now, and while thinking of the point I wanted to get across the most, I happened to stumble across the above quote – and I knew that was it.

I guess this is part advice, part a self-indulgent trip down memory lane. But if you’ve ever wondered how I started this and kept it alive, or you want to know how you can do the same with your ideas, this is for you!

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So … what’s up with English Madoka? Highlights + Sample Deck Lists – 2021

It’s been a good 5 years since we’ve seen a new Madoka release in English Weiss Schwarz. After the original set in May 2013 and Rebellion in September 2015, we’ve been left clutching our apples and wishing for the best as the deck rapidly spiraled into obscurity. Very few modern tools, antiquated level 1 combos, underwhelming finishers at best, sprinkled here and there with a few solid tech pieces – truly a Weiss player’s worst despair. But after half a decade and many licensing conundrums, the suffering of the English Madoka player might be ending soon … or, at the very least, it’s getting a complete overhaul.

So to all you people of culture, those coming out of Madoka hibernation and those looking to pick up the deck for the first time, whether you’re desperately trying to remember where you put that random box of old Madoka cards or you’re just here for the new MagiReco girls, whether you’re after a competitive deck or just wanna play Madoka again without wishing to die in the process, this one’s for you! Lets look at where we left off 5 years ago, what the February Magia Record Mobage set brings to the table, and what is yet to come in the Anime set which is slotted for release in April.

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