Attack on Titan Final Season: Full Trial Deck+ Review

As I’m sure most of you already know, Attack on Titan: Final Season is coming to Weiss Schwarz on September 16th as an English Edition Original. We’ll be seeing more cards from the Booster Pack soon, but today I’m bringing you a review of all 20 Trial Deck+ cards in collaboration with Bushiroad!

And what better way to start off a ‘final season’ than with the deck’s finisher? Gabi: Warrior Candidate is a level 3 that heals for 1 when she’s placed on stage from hand, and she also has a Climax Combo with War Heroine which lets you send her reversed battle opponents to clock, adding a tiny extra push to make closing games in the final stretch easier.

Next in the level 3 lineup, we have Reiner: Man on a Mission which can help you dig through your deck to find your missing combo pieces. He also serves as a backup finisher option, since his second ability can deal extra damage to your opponent without needing a climax in play – which means you can play him, use his first ability to find Gabi or a copy of her climax, and then utilize both Gabi and Reiner together as part of your finishing strategy!

On the other hand, even if you’re not able to close out the game in one turn, you can use Reiner’s second ability to mill yourself into a better deck state, on top of discarding any extra climaxes you might have in your hand.

And you will have a lot of climaxes in your hand with this deck, because while there’s only one Climax Combo in the deck, we do have two climax triggers which add climaxes to your hand: Gabi’s Treasure and the empty Gate below:

But worry not: your options to pick up climaxes and your options to discard them are perfectly balanced, as all cards should be.

Both Eren: Undercover and Gabi Braun are nice discard outlets. Eren lets you exchange climaxes for <Eldian> characters during your main phase while also giving a +500 power boost to the cards in front of him, while Gabi can climb up to 3500 power on her own and lets you discard any card to mill your deck and pick up a level 1 or higher card when she moves from stage to waiting room.

Speaking of milling and picking up cards, Zeke: Warrior Candidate is another key part of the deck, with his Brainstorm ability letting you draw cards to replenish your hand. And would you look at that, his first ability also serves as an on demand hand filter! Between him and the Eren assit, you can rest assured that your hand won’t end up flooded with climaxes at any point.

But what’s that? You want better selection and more free mill? Yup, we’ve got that too!

I assume you’ll mostly use Pieck: Warrior Candidate for her first ability, which is great for when you’re starting the game second and need to answer some pesky threat on your opponent’s board. Why deal with cost 0 problems when you can simply make them disappear by sending them to the bottom of your opponent’s deck instead? But for what it’s worth, Pieck does also offer you the option of searching your deck for any <Eldian> character when she goes to waiting room herself.

That ability does cost 2 stock though, which might not always be a viable choice. Luckily, the Eldian Armband event doesn’t cost anything to play, and offers access to a good selection of <Eldian> characters from your waiting room based on the combined levels of the 2 cards you milled with its effect. There’s no card in the deck that lets you grab this event specifically, but if you’ve read Gabi Braun’s ability from earlier in detail, you’ll remember she lets you pick up level 1 or higher cards – making this event fair game to grab! And who doesn’t love using one mill ability to set up the next? It’s just a nice synergy overall.

And while we’re on the topic of synergies …

… Colt and Falco enter the stage! Colt: Ferrying to Safety lets you get either of the level 1 Falcos from your waiting room with his Bond ability, and he also gives a +1000 power boost to both of them.

Similarly, Falco Grice comes with the standard ‘drop-salvage’ ability, letting you pay the cost and grab an <Eldian>  character from your waiting room while also boosting one of your other <Eldian> characters with +1000 power until end of turn. And while he can’t give that boost to himself, he doesn’t really need to because his second ability already gives him an extra +2000 power on attack if you have 2 or more other <Eldian> characters on stage with him.

Power boosts really are flying all over the place with these three, because Falco: Warrior Candidate also hands out extra power to one of your other <Eldian> characters when he attacks: +500 power for every other <Eldian> character you have, for a maximim of +2000 power. But perhaps more interesting is his second ability: when he attacks, all your characters get the following ability: “AUTO – [Put 1 climax from your hand into your waiting room] When this card’s trigger check reveals a climax, you may pay the cost. If you do, choose 1 <Eldian> character in your waiting room, and return it to your hand.”

Selective plus? Check. Immediate climax discard outlet? Check. Power pump? Check. I’m actually not sure if it makes sense for Colt to carry him, because this Falco is already doing a lot of heavy lifting on his own!

But also, the deck’s powerlines don’t end here.

Before you even get to level 1, you already have access to a 4000 power beater with Marcel: Warrior Candidate, who will reach over your opponent’s level 0 defenses with ease. And at level 1, Reiner: Warrior Candidate presents a standard 7500 power body with clock encore – a perfect Standby target, if the Booster Pack graces us with one 👀

Before I forget, you can also push your powers even higher with Annie: Warrior Candidate‘s +1500 boost to any of your <Eldian> characters when she’s placed on stage from hand.

And much like titans over those walls, the power just keeps scaling up and up with this deck! Not only that, it’s coming from both angles too:

Udo: Warrior Candidate gains +1000 power for each of your <Eldian> characters when he’s placed on stage from hand, putting him at 12500 power if he’s the 5th character on your stage that turn. Additionally, Cart Titan: Marley Mid-East War can boost an <Eldian> or <Titan> character by +500 power for each of your <Eldian> or <Titan> characters when it attacks, for an extra +2500 power on a full stage. With these two, you can easily assemble an offensive body with 15000 power, which is strong enough to deal with nearly every relevant threat you might run into at level 2.

On defense, Jaw Titan: Marley Mid-East War can help you out with a +3500 power Backup, and there’s also Bertholdt: Warrior Candidate with the classic 500xlevel assist ability. His second ability is just one more instance of this deck’s free hand filtering, even if you don’t have control over what you’ll be drawing into. Omni-directional mobility gear? More like omni-present discard outlets!

And for the ones counting, here’s the 20th card – Zofia: Warrior Candidate, because no Trial Deck+ is complete without a level 1 vanilla 🙂

Thank you for checking out the review, and don’t forget to grab the Attack on Titan: Final Season Booster Pack and Trial Deck+, on sale September 16th!

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