So … what’s up with English Madoka? Highlights + Sample Deck Lists – 2021

It’s been a good 5 years since we’ve seen a new Madoka release in English Weiss Schwarz. After the original set in May 2013 and Rebellion in September 2015, we’ve been left clutching our apples and wishing for the best as the deck rapidly spiraled into obscurity. Very few modern tools, antiquated level 1 combos, underwhelming finishers at best, sprinkled here and there with a few solid tech pieces – truly a Weiss player’s worst despair. But after half a decade and many licensing conundrums, the suffering of the English Madoka player might be ending soon … or, at the very least, it’s getting a complete overhaul.

So to all you people of culture, those coming out of Madoka hibernation and those looking to pick up the deck for the first time, whether you’re desperately trying to remember where you put that random box of old Madoka cards or you’re just here for the new MagiReco girls, whether you’re after a competitive deck or just wanna play Madoka again without wishing to die in the process, this one’s for you! Lets look at where we left off 5 years ago, what the February Magia Record Mobage set brings to the table, and what is yet to come in the Anime set which is slotted for release in April.

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