BCS 2019: Top Weiss Schwarz Decks + Stats

When I made this kind of compilation for this year’s Spingfest, it was really well received, so here we go again: BCS 2019 has come to an end & here are all the decks that topped this season!

As usual, Bushiroad is months behind on officially posting the winners and their deck lists, so for the time being, most of the table below relies on community information – huge thanks to everyone who helped me fill out the blanks, I couldn’t be doing this without you guys!

As more lists are uploaded to the official site, I’ll keep updating the table with links and corrected information if necessary – once all info is released, I’ll add a note letting you know that the table is now final. But until then, if you spot a mistake somewhere, please let me know so I can correct it! Full update log can be found here.

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