BSF 2019: Weiss Schwarz Top 4 Decks + Some Fun Stats

Because Bushi sometimes takes their sweet time releasing even just the names of the top 4 decks, about a third of this table is still unofficial for the time being – I’ll keep updating it until all the official info is out.

At locations for which they’ve already published the full top bracket and deck lists, I’ve added links to each individual deck list in the table (as usual, they only publish deck lists for the top 3 teams though). At all other locations, deck placements are based on either Bushi’s FB posts or information I’ve gathered from players who were there – big thanks to everyone who helped me put this together!

*Note – As of August 5th, all of this data should match their official posts and website entries.

If you’re into numbers, I’ve added some stats at the end of this post, and if you wanna read my tournament report from our Springfest in Munich, I made a separate post for that here.

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BSF 2019: Munich Weiss Schwarz Tournament Report

I haven’t really done a post like this before, so please bear with me if I end up rambling more about the trip than the actual tournament itself – because if there’s one thing you should know about me and Munich, it’s that I absolutely adore this city. Between all the amazing concerts and sights I’ve already seen there, it’s no wonder I was extremely hyped as soon as it was announced that our closest Springfest will be in Munich this year.

Now, when I say closest, I use that word pretty loosely. It’s not a 10 hour drive like it was last year to Rome, but it’s still a good 5 hours or more depending on the traffic. On Sunday during the Weiss tournament, when our first opponents heard where we’re from, they asked how early we had to get up in the morning to come there, and we just laughed and said “oh no, we’ve been here the whole weekend.” Because that’s our usual plan for Springfest and BCS: get a hotel, get a van, take an extended weekend vacation.

This time, it was actually two vans, since we had 15 people. Aside from my Weiss teammates who actively play both games, we all main either Vanguard or Weiss, but know the other game enough to be able to play it somehow. So on Saturday, we managed to form 5 Vanguard teams (out of total 33) and on Sunday, we had 4 Weiss teams (out of total 31). Now let me get right into Sunday’s part of the event!

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